Treibgutsperre Jirkov
Treibgutsperre Jirkov

The flotsam barrier Jirkov was completed in time for the fall and winter seasons.
The reservoir is located three kilometers northwest of Jirkov in the middle of forests on the Ore Mountains’ southern slope. The dam serves the drinking water supply of the North Bohemian Basin. In the reservoir, there is an overflow shaft of 9.5 m in diameter.
Steep, wooded mountainsides surround the Jirkov dam. As a result, flotsam repeatedly gets in the basin of the reservoir. The regulated flow of water and the operation of the hydroelectric power plant are thereby seriously endangered.

An extra strong flotsam barrier

Hydrotechnik Lübeck has developed an extra-strong, floating barrier for this requirement. It has a minimum breaking load of 380kN. With an expected service life of 12 years and permanent use, no further maintenance is necessary. The floating bodies of the barrier automatically adapt to the different water levels. It is mounted so that drifting debris drives it to the shore with natural currents. From there, it can be taken out of the water.
This interesting task has also led to the beautiful autumn weather for a good mood in the assembly team.

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