Two ships are being equipped for the Arkona Becken Southeast construction site

The BLUE ARIES and BLUE ANTARES are equipped with the Big Bubble Barrier for use. The BLUE ARIES takes over 18 compressors, the BLUE ANTARES the hose system plus 3 additional compressors to test and clean the laid out hoses. A total of 5130 m hose is then firmly anchored on the BLUE ANTARES deck on 3 winches. The 18 compressors of the BLUE ARIES deliver 720 m³ / min of oil-free compressed air for the Big Bubble Barrier operation. 2 ships are necessary for this construction site, as the installation ship, the SVANEN, is held in position by anchor cables. The Big Bubble Barrier’s hose system can only be recovered from the seabed when the installation vessel has completely cleared its position. While the BLUE ARIES supplies the bubble curtain with compressed air, the BLUE ANTARES is already laying the hose at the next position.

Svanen im Arcona Becken Südost
Arcona Becken Blue Aries

60 wind turbines for 385 MW

Arkona Becken Southeast: The construction area is 35 kilometers northeast of the island of Rügen and directly southeast of the Wikinger offshore wind farm, which is already under construction. 60 wind turbines are installed. They should generate an output of 385 MW. This means that the wind farm can theoretically supply 400,000 households with electricity. Construction should be completed by 2019. The substation is already in place. It was anchored in the construction site with a jacket foundation at the end of July 2017.

Around 60,000 rams for 60 monopiles

Measured at the same distance, the noise level of a pile-driving underwater is many times higher than that of a rocket taking off on land (see also hydro noise – doubling every 10 years). Due to the high water density, sound travels 4.3 times faster than in the air, and its range is correspondingly greater. Whales, seals, and many fish use sound for vital activities. Natural background noise in the water is a prerequisite for your communication, your search for partners and food, avoidance of enemies, and your orientation.
Thanks to the Big Bubble Barrier’s clever use, the noise level is reduced by up to 5% during pile driving.

Arkona Becken wind farm