The dam is located in northwestern Bohemia and dams the Leibitschbach. Its dam is near the village of Horka and has a height of 40.7 m, in which there is the turbine of a hydroelectric power station. The storage space extends through the narrow valley of Libocký Potok and holds 19.23 million m³ of water.

The Horka dam is surrounded by dense forest, from which trees and branches keep getting into the reservoir. This floating debris clogs the lake drain and, in extreme cases, causes the dam to overflow. A dangerous situation that can only be prevented with a particularly complex baffle construction.

Hydrotechnik Lübeck developed an additional strong, 400-meter-long floating barrier. It has a minimum breaking force of 380kN. With an expected service life of 12 years and permanent use, no further maintenance is necessary. It automatically adapts to the different water levels and is also mounted so that the debris collects in one place. From there, it can be removed from the water relatively easily. It took 6 months from planning to manufacture and assembly.
Since September 2015, the floating barrier has ensured that flotsam in the Horka reservoir no longer comes uncontrolled near the outlet.

Treibgutsperre Talsperre Horka Schwimmer
Treibgutsperre Horka

Dam Horka Czech Republic