The desalination plant in Taweelah needs a replacement for a floating oil barrier

The desalination plant in Taweelah was equipped in 2005 by HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK with floating walls. Protection against floating debris and spilled oil is essential for these systems. If flotsam were to get into the seawater system, it would be permanently damaged and not ready for use for a long time. If seawater is taken from the open sea via the in-take, compressed air oil barriers are used.

Delivery by ship at the end of 2016

Floating diving walls are the ideal protection in the interior. The standby oil weir is equipped with: skimmers, floating oil barriers, and boats for acute oil control. After 11 years of continuous use, the diving walls’ floating elements are replaced by new ones. The shipment to Dubai took place at the end of 2016.

Schwimmende Ölsperre
Schwimmende Ölsperre

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