Oil-free compressed air underwater is crucial for sound mitigation

If a bubble curtain is used to protect the environment, oil-free compressed air underwater must be used urgently. The bubble curtain is supposed to protect the environment from noise pollution. But if compressed air contaminated with oil is pumped into the water simultaneously, that would be fatal.
If this crucial factor is not taken into account in an offshore construction project and 24 compressors run for 6 hours for just one ramming action, approx. 1.2 liters of oil could get into the water. In extreme cases, 1 liter of mineral oil can contaminate 1,000,000 liters of water. An average large construction site has about 75 ramming positions. The pollution would be enormous.

Oil-free compressed air generated by special compressors

HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK relied on clean system technology from the outset. For CEO Cay Grunau, working in the offshore construction fields only made sense if the environment was comprehensively protected. HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK only uses special compressors that are certified according to ISO 8573-1, CLASS 0 (2010). In mechanical engineering, this requires extremely high accuracy in the manufacture of the components. This is complex and also more expensive. Just the result counts.

Oil-free compressed air underwater
Ölfreie Druckluft unter Wasser