Compressed air ice-free keeping
Compressed air ice-free keeping

Compressed Air ice-free Keeping

Keeping compressed air free of ice is an important module in special hydraulic engineering when avoiding ice formation on the water surface. A permanently installed hose system on the bottom of the water uses compressed air to keep the water moving and upward current. As a result, the warmer water at the bottom of the river is transported to the surface. Icing is prevented near the bubbling air.
Air bubble systems are usually arranged in a line and hold z. B. Ice-free lock gates and ensure that they keep their function without restrictions even in severe frost. Another possible application is to keep marinas free of ice in the area of the jetties.
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Compressed air ice-free keeping


  • Free pass-through for shipping

  • Use only when necessary

  • No staff required

  • Environmentally friendly


  • Desalination plants

  • Power plants

  • Port facilities

  • Water engineering