Preparation for the construction of the Veja Mate OSS substation

Preparations for the construction of the OSS Veja Mate substation are in full swing. The foundation was rammed. To be on the safe side, the nozzle hose has already been laid and successfully tested. Due to the ideal external conditions of weather, waves, and currents, the bubble curtain system worked very well during the piling work. It could be rammed with an energy of 2000 kJ. Nevertheless, a maximum volume of only 158 dB was achieved – a proud success for the EAGLE FJORD and HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK team.

According to Wikipedia, the Veja Mate offshore wind farm (the mythological personification of the wind) is being built 130 km north of the city of Eemshaven in the Netherlands. With a park size of around 51 km², the Highland Group merger, Siemens Financial Services, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners are responsible for constructing 67 plants. The heaviest and largest monopiles to date are being erected in the Veja Mate construction site. The weight of a monopile is 1200 kg, the length 84.8 m, and the diameter is 7.8 m.

Veja Mate OSS Test of Big Bubble Barrier
Veja Mate OSS Nozzle Hose Deployment Vessel

Veja Mate wind farm