Dawn far away from any civilization lights

My second day onboard the NOORTRUCK begins with a beautiful sunrise far away from any civilization lights. This is also a great compensation for the short, restless night. The rocking did not stop, and there were also unknown noises and the feeling of floating on the water in a nutshell.

The improvement in the weather, sun, and blue skies make it possible to work on deck and in the water today. However, the divers who came back with the CTV in the morning only found scrap metal. Professional disposal takes place on land. During the work, there is constant contact between the deck and the bridge and the passing ships to draw attention to the diver in the water. The ships are asked to slow down to keep waves and currents as low as possible. Also, the VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) Bremerhaven Weser Traffic is informed about the fairway work.

If ammunition is found in the North Sea, it is first flushed free

Cleaning up the cable route is a time-consuming undertaking. First, the route is driven with metal detectors, and points are marked where the device deflects. A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is then launched into the water to identify the property. If the object is too deep in the ground for ROV detection, it is flushed free with a lance. The lance can penetrate up to six meters into the ground and blow air into the ground. If the object is then exposed, the diver goes into the water and hides it. The whole procedure is based on the assumption that it is remains of ammunition or duds because nobody should be harmed by carelessness.

Due to the predicted wave height of 2.60m for the next day, we drive back to the port. At this wave height, the recovery cannot continue, and we are waiting for better weather. This shows once again how dependent one is on the weather conditions when working offshore. It is better to go to the safe harbor once more than to endanger people or machines.

Nordsee Munition Achterdeck
Flushing North Sea ammunition
Nordsee Munition Noise Mitigation