Time for material and machine at NOORTRUCK

Since the wind is not on our side and wave heights of 2.60m and more are predicted, we spent the last night in the harbor. At wave heights over 2 m, the work is interrupted and continued after the wind has subsided.

For the crew, port days mean that the machines and systems have to be serviced, and spare parts must be taken on board. The cook receives fresh food for balanced and varied catering for the crew. Regarding the food, it should be noted that you should not go on board with the plan of weight loss. That definitely doesn’t work with a three-course menu for lunch, cake, and coffee at 3 p.m. and another warm meal in the evening.

NOORTRUCK Supply Vessel Koch

Bacteria keep the ship’s belly clean

Garbage and dirty water are disposed of on land when the port is berthed. Since we are within the 12sm zone when collecting ammunition and nothing may be pumped outboard there. If we were outside of this zone, wastewater could be discharged into the sea after cleaning the holding tank by bacteria. This is completely harmless.

During the time in port, a crew change can also occur, which means crew members who have completed their four-week assignment swap with colleagues. They then have a four-week holiday phase behind them and start their work well-rested. The four-week change is a specification at Bitunamel Feldmann. At other companies, the crew drives on different terms.