After Horka, the dam Jirkov now gets a floating barrier against flotsam.
The reservoir is located three kilometers northwest of Jirkov in the middle of forests on the southern slope of the Erzgebirge. Dammed waters are the Bílina and the Malá voda, outgoing water is the Bílina.
The dam serves the drinking water supply of the North Bohemian Basin. It was completed in 1965. In the reservoir there is an overflow shaft of 9.5 m in diameter. The Jirkov hydropower plant is integrated into the dam with a Banki CINK turbine system with a maximum output of 142.2 kW.

Important drinking water storage.

The Jirkov dam, together with the Přísečnice, Křimov, Kamenička, Jezeří, Janov and Fláje dams, serves to supply drinking water to the entire North Bohemian lignite basin. It is located in a drinking water protection area I. order and is not open to the public.

Danger due to flotsam in the reservoir.

Like the Horka dam, Jirkov is surrounded by steep, wooded hillsides. Due to weather-related processes, flotsam gets into the water of the basin. The regulated flow of water and the operation of the hydroelectric power plant are at risk.

Flotsam barrier made by specialists.

Hydrotechnik Lübeck has developed a particularly strong, floating barrier for this requirement. It has a minimum breaking load of 380kN. With an expected service life of 12 years and permanent use, no further maintenance is necessary.
The floating bodies of the barrier automatically adapt to the different water levels. At the same time, it is mounted so that the flotsam collects in one place. It can be easily removed from the water from there.

Flotsam barrier Horka reservoir