The foundation installation of the Hohe Sees wind farm was completed after a forced break. In mid-2018, there was an accident on board the “Pacific Osprey” during maintenance work on the crane. An alternative installation ship was therefore provided to complete the installation of the foundations. In November, the monopiles and transition pieces that had already been loaded on the “Pacific Osprey” were reloaded by the heavy-duty floating crane “Gulliver” in the port of Eemshaven, Netherlands. The foundation installation was resumed in the first quarter of 2019.

Electricity for around 710,000 households

EnBW is building the Hohe See wind farm and the Albatros wind farm as an overall project with 610 megawatts. The construction site is very far out in the North Sea, around 100 kilometers northwest of Helgoland. Starting in 2019, the wind farms will generate electricity for around 710,000 households on an area of around 53 square kilometers.

Fundament-Installation Windpark Hohe See

176 x noise protection for the installation of the Hohe See wind farm

In the Hohe See wind farm, the Big Bubble Barrier was used 88 times in a duplicate way. During the ramming phase, enormous underwater noise is generated. The Big Bubble Barrier holds back up to 95%.

Location Hohe See wind farm

Image source: EnBW (View of the Hohe See Albatros wind farm), WhatsApp Image (Accident)