Offshore adventure with divers, a geologist, and fresh bread

During my practical phase, HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK enables me to stay onboard the NOORTRUCK offshore supply vessel. As a maritime technology student, I came into contact with water from the start during my studies, but not as close as I am now.
I decided on the internship at HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK after my first trial day. I like the company’s environmental philosophy. This is exactly where I want to direct my professional future. After the practical phase, I will also write my bachelor thesis in this company. I will deal with noise protection measures to reduce pile-driving noise.

After I left the solid ground in Wilhelmshaven to spend the next few days at sea, I received a safety briefing from Captain Wim van Dun. Where are the life-saving appliances? What to do in the event of a fire? How do you react to ‘person overboard’? Where are the escape routes? And general behavior and life on a ship.


The corridors are narrow, the steps even narrower

There is monotonous background noise from the machine. Nevertheless, these factors do not prevent me from my ‘offshore work’ adventure. In addition to the crew, there are also divers, ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operators, and a geologist for soil samples on board. Their job is to find, secure and recover ammunition in the cable route to the ‘Nordergrund’ wind farm. The search area is at the Mellumplate within the 12sm zone. As we are close to the fairway, a view of 1000m is a requirement for carrying out the work. Due to the heavy fog, this is not the case today, and the divers were picked up by a CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) and brought back to shore without having achieved anything. The weather is a major factor of uncertainty during offshore work. In winter there is often fog, or bad weather and the work cannot be carried out. Excessive currents and winds also influence the work.