Underwater noise protection in the Wikinger offshore wind farm in perfect weather

The BLUE ARIES crew is lucky with the weather at their work in the Baltic Sea this year. It accompanies the pile driving work in the Wikinger offshore wind farm, 35 kilometers northeast of Rügen. The Double Big Bubble Barrier is used for underwater noise protection. Two hose rings ensure plenty of air in the water. In this way, the piling work can be carried out without any problems if the limit value of 160 dB is clearly undercut.

The foundations were installed with the special ship “Giant 7”. They came from the Spanish town of Aviles. The jacket foundations were anchored up to 40 meters deep into the seafloor. The water depth there is around 31 to 43 meters.

Windpark Wikinger BLUE ARIES

Group picture with drone

HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK is now documenting all offshore work with the help of drone photography. And, of course, there is always a group picture for the crew.

The Wikinger offshore wind farm is due to go online in 2017

Wikinger offshore wind farm is Iberdrola’s first offshore wind power project in Germany. It follows on from the construction and commissioning of the first wind farm in 2014, West of Duddon Sands, in the Irish Sea.

The Wikinger wind farm is located in the Baltic Sea, around 75 kilometers from the mainland, near the island of Rügen. It is located in the northern part of Westlich Adlergrund, a suitable area for offshore projects designated by the authorities.

The wind farm extends over 34 km² and will receive 70 Adwen AD5-135 wind turbines with a total output of up to 350 megawatts. With a nominal output of 5 megawatts each, these wind turbines are the largest ever installed in an Iberdrola project. The offshore work began at the beginning of 2016 with the construction of piles and foundations.

The Wikinger project represents a major technical challenge for the company’s design teams and suppliers and will create hundreds of jobs for highly qualified professionals on site.

Wikinger wind farm