The Nordergrund offshore wind farm is currently being built by wpd AG in the German North Sea’s 12 nautical mile zone. The park is located 15 km northeast of the island of Wangerooge and 30 km north of Wilhelmshaven.
On an area of around 6 km², 18 Senvion plants will be erected, each with an output of 6.15 MW.
The Nordergrund offshore wind farm is something special. His trades come exclusively from companies based in Germany and produced in the northwest region. In addition to Senvion (turbine), these are the companies Ambau (foundations), BVT (transformer station), NSW (park-internal cabling), and Bilfinger (installation). Also, there is Hydrotechnik Lübeck (noise protection) from the northeast region.

110 MW output later this year

Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH carries out the cabling within the wind farm. The transmission system operator Tennet is responsible for the onshore grid connection. The wind farm is scheduled to go into operation this year and will feed electricity into the German grid with a maximum total output of 110 MW.

Offshore Windpark Nordergründe

All trades are faced with special tasks when the water is shallow

The water depths vary between 4 and 14 m with a tidal range of 2.90 m, and the shallow water creates powerful currents. The laying of the nozzle hoses is only possible in the narrow window of the backwater. The shallow water depth also makes it necessary to use very long supply air hoses for some foundation positions. Hydrotechnik Lübeck, therefore, uses the special ship NOORTRUCK from the Bitunamel Feldmann shipping company. The NOORTRUCK has a very shallow draft and is particularly well suited for use in this difficult sea area thanks to the extraordinarily experienced crew under the leadership of the two captains Hartmut Bosch and Wim van Dun.

Offshore Windpark Nordergründe