The Big Bubble Barrier is now fully developed and is used in the Merkur offshore wind farm

The Merkur offshore wind farm is being built 45 km north of Borkum. Construction will start in April 2017 on one of the largest offshore construction sites in the North Sea.
At a water depth of 28-34 m, 66 monopile foundations are driven into the seabed. The underwater noise generated during ramming is reduced to the permitted level by two systems: the IHC Noise Mitigation System near the pile and the Big Bubble Barrier from HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK. The BBC will be laid with a length of 720 m around the sea bed’s ramming platform. The system is mature and has been used successfully for years on almost all offshore construction sites – a guarantee of compliance with guidelines for environmental protection.
GeoSea (DEME) is responsible for the overall installation of the wind farm. The environmental protection contract was awarded to HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK at the end of November. The Merkur wind farm is scheduled to go online in 2018 and supply almost 400 MW of clean electricity for around 500,000 households.

Offshore Windpark Merkur Turbine

Merkur wind farm