NOORTRUCK provides soundproofing when blasting ammunition

The NOORTRUCK is once again in action with the Big Bubble Curtain. This time in the Hohe See wind farm’s construction site and responsible for underwater noise protection there. The construction site will be cleared of all sorts of ammunition remains from the Second World War. Anything that cannot be recovered has to be blown up on site. Underwater noise protection is a prerequisite for environmentally friendly implementation.

Far out in the North Sea

The Hohe See wind farm is built around 90 kilometers north of Borkum and 100 kilometers northwest of Helgoland on ​​42 square kilometers. The operator is EnBW. After commissioning, which is planned for 2019, the wind farm will theoretically deliver enough wind power to supply 560,000 households.

Windpark Hohe See UXO Operation
Windpark Hohe See UXO Removal

Currently the largest German offshore wind power project

This makes EnBW Hohe See the largest German offshore wind farm project currently being built. EnBW Baltic 1 and EnBW Baltic 2, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG already successfully operates two large wind farms in the German Baltic Sea.

Hohe See wind farm