Underwater noise in the world’s oceans doubles every 10 years

Due to the advancing industrial use of the world’s oceans, noise sources and noise pollution are increasing significantly. Since 1950, underwater noise has doubled every 10 years. Due to the high water density, sound travels 4.3 times faster than in the air, and its range is correspondingly greater. The noise level of some sources of noise in our oceans is measured at the same distance, many times higher than that of a launching rocket.

Whales, seals, many fish, and even some species of squid use sound for vital activities. The natural background noise in the water is essential for your communication, your search for partners and food, avoidance of enemies, and your orientation.

There are currently 4 ships in action against underwater noise

We use the Big Bubble Barrier for sound absorption. We are currently active with 4 ships on the following offshore wind farm construction fields:

BLUE ARIES in the Viking construction site

NOORTRUCK in the Nordergründe construction site

EAGLE FJORD in the Veja Mate construction site

BLUE ANTARES in the Weser estuary