2 vessels for Arkona-Becken Südost


We are currently equipping 2 supply vessels for pile driving work at the Arkona-Becken Südost offshore wind farm.

BLUE ARIES | Equipped with 18 compressors for Arkona-Becken SüdostBLUE ANTARES | Equipped with 5130 m of Big Bubble Curtain hose for Arkona-Becken SüdostThe BLUE ARIES and BLUE ANTARES are prepared for deployment with the big bubble curtain. The BLUE ARIES carries 18 compressors and the BLUE ANTARES the hose system including 3 additional compressors for testing and cleaning of the applied hoses. A total of 5130 m of hose is stored on 3 winches on board of the BLUE ANTARES. The 18 compressors of the BLUE ANTARES generate 720 m³/min of oil-free compressed air for operation of the big bubble curtain.
Installation Vessel SVANEN on there way to Arkona-Becken Südost2 vessels are necessary in this construction field as the installation vessel, the SVANEN, is to be held in position by means of anchor cables. The hose system of the big bubble curtain cannot be recovered from the ocean floor before the installation vessel has left its position completely. While the bubble curtain is supplied with compressed air by the BLUE ARIES, the hose is already laid out at the next position.

60 wind turbines for 385 MW

The construction area of Arkona-Becken Südost is located 35 kilometres north-east of the island Rügen and directly south-east of the Wikinger offshore wind farm, which is already in construction. 60 wind turbines are to be installed. They are to generate 385 MW of power. This way, the wind farm can theoretically supply enough power for 400,000 households. The construction is to be completed by 2019. The transformer substation is already in place. It was anchored with the jacket foundation in the construction field in the end of July 2017.

Around 60,000 pile driving strokes for 60 monopiles

Measured from the same distance, the noise level of a driving stroke under water is several times higher than the noise level of a starting rocket. Due to the high density of water, sound is transmitted 4.3 times faster than in air and over a respectively higher range. Whales, seals and many types of fish use sound for vital activities. A natural sound environment under water is for them a condition for communication, search for partners and food, escape from enemies and orientation.
The clever use of the big bubble curtain enables reduction of the sound level during pile driving down to 5%.

Windpark Arkona-Becken Südost

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