Big Bubble Curtain Optimization


Big Bubble Curtain Optimization | Main topic in noise protection

3 years of offshore experience with more than 1,000 hose rings having been put in place ensures constant Big Bubble Curtain Optimization. At least every 4 weeks, an improvement suggestion comes from one of the offshore teams. The laying on the sea floor and the retrieval are constantly being improved. For example, the retrieval of a bubble hose caused a large amount of mud to be whirled up which adversely affected the sensitive equipment parts on the hose winch. The team reacted to this and the next time they returned to port, they had a local blacksmith create a guard out of sheet metal in order to protect these equipment parts. An issue that is only visible during use.

What really sets us apart is that our colleagues have been there on site for 3 years. They have been able to gather an immense amount of knowledge and experience in this area in this time. This is very important in order to always be able to react to new challenges.
Working on the back deck
Working on the back deck

Qualified engineers join the team

After 3 years of using the Big Bubble Curtain, more fundamental research is being carried out again. The HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK team in the meantime also includes students from various Institutes of Technology. As part of their master theses, they examine, for example, the material that the hoses are made of and the speed with which the bubbles rise to the surface of the water.

The qualified engineers help me a great deal with my work. The passages in the technical literature that are relevant for us are marked for me. I save time and concentrate on what is most important.

The interest on the part of the public authorities in the further development of the bubble curtain has disappeared in the meantime. No more public funding is being made available, even though the potential offered by the bubble technology has not been fully exploited by a long way. The limit values are adhered with, but there are fluctuations in the measured values that no one is able to explain.
The measured values are, for example, dependent on the amount of air, the air pressure within the hoses, the conditions on the floor of the port, the water currents and, of course, the ramming energy with which the pile is driven into the sea floor.

A battery of compressors
Big Bubble Curtain in use

Optimization for even greater safety

In order to ensure greater levels of safety, HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK is optimizing the bubble curtain all on its own. The measured values have continuously improved over the years. This has meant that the ships erecting the pile have been able to increase the ramming energy, and still adhere to the guideline values. The amount of time required for the ramming work decreases. This is also a contribution to environmental protection.