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Jellyfish lock – industrial plant protection

A demonstration of how compressed air works in water to ward off swarms of jellyfish in the intake of a seawater desalination plant.

BIG BUBBLE CURTAIN – Offshore Noise Mitigation

HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK has created a ‘Stand Alone System’ that retains up to 95% underwater noise. In the meantime, the system has been and is used on almost all offshore wind power construction sites during the pile driving.


HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK specializes in the functional and building protection of large systems. On the water side there are essentially dangers from oil pollution and flotsam. Use this film to find out about suitable protective measures.


HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK has developed the BIG BUBBLE CURTAIN for system maturity. It achieves its full soundproofing effect when 2 hose rings are deployed. The BIG BUBBLE CURTAIN is also used very successfully in offshore ammunition blasting. Find out about the full range of services with this film.

Turbidity Change and Sound Protection

A demonstration of how compressed air works in water to protect the environment at large offshore construction sites.
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