Short breathing space in Kriegers Flak construction site

Kriegers FlakThe foundation installation for the monopile at position 22 is done. Now supply air hoses are brought in and measuring buoys are recovered. The Eagle Frontier then leaves the Kriegers Flak construction site and heads for the port of Mukran. Fuel is taken up and provisions are stashed. There is a change of crew. The first operation team for the Big Bubble Barrier was now 4 weeks at sea. Time to take a deep breath before moving on. Button-GER

Measurements are taken at every position

Measurement data is collected at every ramming position in the Kriegers Flak construction site and is passed on to all parties. Important documentation to make optimizations if necessary. For HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK, this is a crucial criterion to ensure that the upper limits set for sound emissions have adhered to all different positions.

Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm

The Kriegers Flak wind farm consists of 3 sections, one Danish, one German and one Swedish. The namesake is the reef Kriegers Flak, which lies below sea level. The German sub-area has been supplying electricity since 2015 under the name Baltic 2, the Swedish sub-area is in the planning phase. Kriegers Flak will be the largest Danish offshore wind farm and can supply around 600,000 households with electricity.

Center map