Oceanology North America 2017


HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK looking for his (Ü)

Oceanology North America 2017The world’s leading forum for maritime science & technology, Oceanology North America 2017, opened its doors yesterday in San Diego.
And there was a consistent decision of the local exhibitor. In English, there is no (Ü), so they leave it out.
HYDROTECHNIK LÜBECK takes it easy. Much more important is to actually take part in San Diego. This is what Cay Grunau thinks, the managing director of the company.

Mr Grunau, what do you expect from the Oceanology 2017?

We want underwater sound insulation to be put into practice within the field of environmental protection.
There have been trials in this field in the US as well. Unfortunately, however, not with the same consistency and comparable results as with us in Germany.
Cay Grunau, CEO

Which of your products are suitable for the American market?

In the first instance, all of them which are suited for oil repellence. We have pneumatic oil barriers installed in North American ports. They are operating successfully for years there. The Oceanology 2017 provides the perfect opportunity to present further advantages of this air-in-water-technology.
In addition to the Big Bubble Curtain, we present another very important offshore product from ABC Alba Business Consultancy, the MMU Kofferdamm. A new underwater system, indispensable for maintenance and servicing of the numerous underwater constructions of the offshore wind farms. Here we commit ourselves in the usual manner in order to provide this technology as soon as possible.
Cay Grunau, CEO