Protecting All Marine Life Forms


Underwater noise in the oceans doubles every 10 years

Protecting All Marine Life Forms | As a consequence of the ever increasing industrial exploitation of the world’s oceans, the number of noise sources and the noise pollution in the oceans has increased significantly. Since 1950, the noise emissions in the water have doubled every 10 years. More info-> Due to the fact that water is far denser than air, sound travels 4.3 times faster in water compared to in the air, and the range is correspondingly larger. The noise level of certain noise sources in our oceans, when measured at the same distance, is many times higher than a rocket being launched.

Whales, seals, many types of fish, and even certain types of squid use sound to find food and other vital activities. The natural soundscape in the water is absolutely vital for their communication, finding food and a partner, hiding from their enemies and their orientation.

4 ships are currently deployed to carry out noise insulation work.

We use the Big Bubble Curtain for the noise insulation. We currently have 4 ships deployed at the following offshore wind farm construction fields:

BLUE ARIESBLUE ARIES – Windfarm Wikinger
NOORTRUCKNOORTRUCK – Windfarm Nordergründe
BLUE ANTARESBLUE ANTARES – Munitions Blast Wesermündung